Poolside Vision

My pain clinic regimen includes pool therapy, which I absolutely love! Today was no different. I started off my PC day at the pool, as I do 2 out of 3 days each week.

Since I had a bit of a gap between pool therapy and the next session over at the rehab facility, I opted to stay in the water a bit longer. I watched the s who were busy with swim lessons and enjoyed their youthful enthusiasm as they splashed about. Sometimes it's little details such as those that help me through the worst of my bad days.

At one point, I dunked under the water and gave thought to the group I knew would soon be gathering in Georgia for Rob's service. As I came up out of the water, I looked up and saw a man walking toward a bench with a youngster. My heart stopped. My jaw dropped. Save for the slightly darker hair, the man looked exactly like Rob!

I got my heart beating again, took a breath, rubbed my eyes, and looked again, sure I was seeing things. Nope. The man still looked like Rob.

It was in this moment that I felt the presence of my friend and was instantly comforted. The sounds of the ren playing added to the experience as I thought of how much Rob loved s, loved entertaining them, hearing them laugh, and how much s absolutely loved him.

I may not have been at his service, I may not have been able to talk with him "one last time", but I did find peace in the appearance of his dopplegänger.

Wherever Rob is now, I'm certain he's surrounded by all the things that made him happy.

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