Return to Normalcy?

I've returned from my mysterious journey.

I know, you're all waiting for details. Let's see...

It was a conference in Vegas. I got in an excellent interview with Joe Bonamassa, saw two free JB concerts, got to catch the tail end of a burlesque show (no pun intended), was able to hang out with other fabulous editors and writers, saw my buddy Dawn Olsen again (she looks fantastic!), worked on plans for growth with the others from BC, laughed more than I thought humanly possible, ate great food, and played a little video poker courtesy of a kind benefactor, and caught some killer dueling pianos at Harrah's.

Oh, and I displayed my astounding grace by tripping over the door sill of my hotel room on the last night, resulting in a stunning array of bruises and lumps. No, I wasn't drunk when it happened. Nor did I break my camera, which I'd feared since it took a healthy beating in the process.

It was an altogether amazing trip made possible by good friends. Photos still to be edited, of course.

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