Shipping Out

Smash is shipping out on Saturday and I'm very proud of what he's doing.

I'm very lucky to have such wonderful friends. Especially the sort of folks like the Smashes, you know, the kind I can introduce to other people. Thankfully the embarrassment of our friendship is unidirectional - them by me. But, the cool part is that I raise my social quotient by merely knowing them.

Quit laughing. I've often commented on how socially retarded I can be. With them, I feel almost ready to mainstream. And they are absolutely wonderful for putting up with me.

Now, what to do with Mrs. Smash while her man is gone...I may have to drag her to Vegas for some wild adventure. Or maybe I'll just take up residence in their guestroom while he's gone.

Reality dictates that absolutely none of this will happen and that, if I'm lucky, Mrs. S will me meet for lunch one day between pain clinic sessions since I'm completely without a car now. I'll take whatever I can get. Hmm...maybe I can talk her into a trip to Ikea, too.

Smash, take care and we'll see you soon. Don't worry about what your wife is doing. She'll be safe with me and Little Dude around. Oh, wait...LD and your wife...that could be a problem, couldn't it?

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