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Best Movies Of The 1940s

Top 10 Best Movies Of The 1940s

Although the 1940s produced the black-and-white movies, these movies might be more progressive than you would assume. A lot of directors, writers and actors worked together to make the best movies in their studios.

So what are the best movies of this Golden Age of filmmaking? Let’s discover them through our list below

Best Italian Movies On Netflix

Best Italian Movies on Netflix That You Should Watch

All I love from Italy are food, wine, culture, music, the cities, and especially its movies. Italian cinema has its own iconic stature in the history of the world cinema.

Now, Netflix has collected all the gems of Italian cinema so if you want to watch some awesome Italian movies on Netflix, this article is right for you.

Best Movies Of The 1950s

The Best Movies Of The 1950s You Cannot Miss

If the movies of the 1940s mainly focused on the war theme, the 1950s witnessed a considerable change in film genres. In other words, Hollywood film producers made a great effort to diversify movie themes during the 1950s.

You can explore a wide range of unique characters, plots, and content when watching the movies of this decade.

Best Period Piece Movies

Which Are The Best Period Piece In 2019?

What is a period piece movie? What is it about? Is it exciting or boring? In this article, we will find out some necessary information about a film type. Then, you will be recommended the best period piece in 2019 you need to see. Here we go!

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